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EK Cleaning Service is a professional maid and cleaning services company that serves residences Cook County.

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A residential cleaning service has the expertise to get the job done quickly, and you'll have more time to concentrate on sorting through what stays, what goes, and controlling the operations of fans and humidifiers. If you have kids, there's no doubt that you will substantially benefit from having a residential cleaning service help rescue your home. Managing kids and cleaning up after a flood is stress overload.

The cleaning personnel from the residential cleaning service can help you throw out wet items, dry items off, wash and sanitize toys, wash and dry laundry, and generally wash and sanitize everything you hope to salvage. After everything has been thrown out, dried off, and washed and sanitized, the floors, walls, appliances and fixtures should be washed and sanitized as well. Filters should also be changed. The thoroughness of the cleaning and sanitizing is particularly important when there are allergy sufferers, asthmatics, children and/or elderly adults in the home, and/or if your home is tightly sealed and insulated.